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YongNuo Flash

YongNuo Flash

Based out of China, the Yongnuo company entered the scene of strobist flash units as recently as 2009 with their first model, the YN460. And despite the lack of a PC port or even a zoom reflector, with it’s 7 stop range of manual settings, the thought-out operation and a decent build quality it has established itself as one of the benchmarks in record time. Within a couple of months, additional models were launched, and it seems like the pace of innovation won’t stop anytime soon.


The “Strobist” Flash Line

  • YN-460 —— the classic, outdated now
  • YN-462 ——(simplified 460 with continuous power control)
  • YN-460 II —— the 460′s faster and stronger replacement
  • YN-560 —— the first model of the new Yongnuo ‘professional’ line; strobist flash unit with zoom reflector, PC port, power pack socket and 8 step manual power control. Full in-depth review. Will be replaced in December 2011
  • YN-560 II —— the 2nd generation full-manual flash of the 560-line; additional features such as LCD display, additional multi-mode, battery warning info page.
  • YN-560 EX


New Digital TTL Models

Only some months after their first flash, the company offered a TTL version on top, and they have been adding new features since then:

  • YN-465 —— i-TTL or E-TTL version without optical slave sensor. This was the only Nikon i-TTL flash from Yongnuo until August 2010. Full in-depth review.
  • YN-467 with auto-zoom —— both Canon E-TTL model as well as Nikon i-TTL version available now. Full in-depth review.
  • YN-468 —— Outdated now. An enhanced 467 with more features as well as an LCD screen. Available only in a Canon version. In-depth review.
  • YN-468 II —— available since November 3, 2011; improved Yongnuo 468-speedlite for Canon
  • YN-565 with ETTL for Canon
  • YN-565 with ITTL for Nikon